This page can be used to find forms to apply for or amend planning permit applications in Victoria.

Typically, your planning scheme will have the same name as your local council. If you are unsure of what your local council is called, visit the Know Your Council website and enter your address.

For some areas the Minister for Planning will make this decision and the appropriate forms are provided at the bottom of the page.

Find forms

To find your form, select your planning scheme from the list below and select the 'view forms' button.

Forms for applications to the Minister for Planning

Use these forms where the Minister for Planning is responsible for making the decision about your permit application. This includes applications in Alpine Resorts, Central City, Docklands, French Island and Sandstone Island, Port of Melbourne and all other applications to the Minister for Planning such as wind energy facilities applications under Clause 61.01.

You can also request a copy of the forms from the your local council or departmental regional offices.

Use this form to apply to the Minister for a new planning permit.
   Application for planning permit (PDF, 398.8 KB).

Use this form to apply to the Minister to amend an existing planning permit.
   Application to amend a planning permit (PDF, 376.1 KB).

Use this form to apply to the Minister for a new VicSmart planning permit.
   Application for a VicSmart planning permit (PDF, 404.8 KB).

Ministerial Permits – Online from mid - 2018
Did you know that in June 2018, applicants will be able to lodge, pay and track Ministerial Permit applications online?

Visit Smart Planning for more information.

More information

  • Council forms: for more information or help contact your local council by using the contact details provided at the end of the application form
  • Accessibility of documents: some of the documents on this page are presented in PDF format. If you have difficulty in accessing any of these documents email