Before making an application

  • find out about the planning scheme
  • talk to the council planner
  • talk to the neighbours
  • consider getting professional advice

Prepare and submit the application

  • application information
  • application form
  • fee

Council checks the application

  • more information?
  • referral?

Application is advertised if required for at least 14 days

  • usually by letter to neighbours and a sign on-site
  • people affected may object

Council assesses the application

  • considers any objections
  • holds mediation meeting if needed
  • considers any referral comments
  • assesses planning scheme provisions
  • negotiates with permit applicant
  • prepares report

Council decides the application

Council may issue either:

  • a permit with conditions
  • a notice of decision with conditions
  • a refusal

Review by VCAT if applied for

  • by the permit applicant against conditions of refusal
  • by an objector against notice of decision