Victoria’s Big Housing Build program is a $5.3 billion investment in social and affordable housing, delivering over 12,000 new dwellings:

  • including 9,300 new social housing dwellings
  • replacing 1,100 existing dwellings

The investment, delivered throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria, will boost total social housing supply by 10%.

Amendments VC187 and VC190, gazetted on 1 December 2020, introduced changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions and all planning schemes to streamline the planning process and support economic recovery through the creation of thousands of jobs, and the rapid delivery of much needed social and affordable housing.

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Amendment VC187

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Amendment VC187 introduces a new particular provision, Housing by or on behalf of the Director of Housing at clause 53.20 to streamline the planning permit process for housing projects by or on behalf of the Director of Housing.

The Minister for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change is the responsible authority for assessing the development of 10 or more dwellings and apartments. Proposals for less than 10 dwellings will be assessed by the local council.

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Amendment VC190

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Amendment VC190 introduces a new particular provision for projects delivered through Victoria’s Big Housing Build at clause 52.20. The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change is the responsible  authority for assessing all proposals made under this new provision.

The prompt implementation of the provisions will support the creation of thousands of jobs and boost Victoria’s economic recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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The following information provides greater detail about the amendments and the Big Housing Build.

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