Step 2 - Obtain State Project Status

State Project status may be sought before the submission of other application requirements prescribed by clause 52.30 to confirm the approval pathway process.

52.30-2  State project decision

Provide information that addresses the matters that the Minister is satisfied that a proposed project is a state project that meets the requirements of clause 52.30-2.

This could be in the form of a letter or report that provides details and supporting documentation to demonstrate how the project meets one or more of the criteria listed at 52.30-2.

The supporting documentation may include:

  1. Description of the proposal
  2. The extent of the project area
  3. Concept plans or detailed plans, visualisations, landscape plans, or other material used to provide detail of the development.
  4. Land titles and ownership
  5. Government media releases
  6. Details of funding
  7. Project delivery timeline
  8. Letters from the Council or other relevant stakeholders
  9. A statement confirming constancy with the listed plans and policies identified under this clause and may require support from the relevant council or agency
  10. Proponent statement confirming self-assessment of the project and that no Environmental Effects Statement or referral is required under the Environment Effects Act 1978. Or confirming the decision by the Minister for Planning that no EES is required subject to conditions and that the proponent is undertaking the necessary step to satisfy the conditions
  11. Detail the environmental, social and economic effects of the use and development to assist the Minister for Planning considerations.

The request is lodged by completing the State Project Concierge form

DELWP will provide the proponent with written confirmation of State Project status for consideration under this provision.

Page last updated: 21/10/22