Victoria's solar energy facilities

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning has not always tracked the development of solar energy facilities in Victoria. The information below has, in most cases, come from local councils and other sources.

While all endeavours are made to ensure the information is complete, accurate and current, it should not be assumed to be 100% correct.

If you have corrections or additions to the information below, please contact

StatusCapacity (MW)
Approved (not operational)5653.2
Planning permit application lodged and process underway243
Under construction620


ProjectMaximum Power (MW)OperatorLocationCommissioned
Bannerton88Foresight Solar Fund11 km south of RobinvaleSeptember 2018
Echuca Solar Project5ACEnergy6 km south of EchucaJuly 2020
Gannawarra60Wirsol & Edify Energy14 km west of KerangApril 2018
Girgarre Project5ACEnergy3 km south west of GirgarreJuly 2020
Glenrowan140Esco Pacific2 km south west of GlenrowanFebruary 2019
Karadoc140.5BayWa r.e.26 km south of MilduraDecember 2018
Katamatite Project 5 ACEnergy3.5km north of KatamatiteApril 2020
Mildura3.2B Electric19 km south of Mildura 
Numurkah128Neoen3.5km east of WunghnuJuly 2019
Numurkah Apsu5Apsu3km north west of Numurkah 
Robinvale9.2Murray River Energy Company2 km south of RobinvaleJuly 2020
Scato Plus Compost Heliostatic0.5Raygen6 km north east of Newbridge 
Stanhope Project5ACEnergy5 km south west of StanhopeJuly 2020
Swan Hill15Impact Investment Group3 km west of Swan HillJuly 2018
Wemen110Wirsol30 km south west of RobinvaleOctober 2018
Winton85FRV9 km west of Glenrowan 

Approved (not operational)

ProposalMaximum Power (MW)ProponentLocationApprovedAmended
Axedale180UPC Renewables7.5 km north east of AxedaleMarch 2020 
Baringhup75RES2 km west of BaringupDecember 2019 
Barnawartha  5Southern Sustainable Electric (SSE)20km west of WodongaNovember 2022 
Barnawartha North64BE Pro Pty Ltd6 kilometres west of WoodongaFebruary 2023 
Bendigo55BayWa r.e.8 km east of Bridgewater  
Bookaar280Bookaar Renewables8 km north west of CamperdownJuly 2022 
Bostocks Creek5BE Pro Pty Ltd3.5km south west of CobdenNovember 2021 
Charlton5Tetris Energy Pty Ltd6km east of CharltonJuly 2022 
Charam5GreenGold Energy22.5km north-east of  EdenhopeAugust 2022 
Carag Carag12Enerpac Australia7 km west of StanhopeMay 2019 
Carisbrook90IB VOGT GMBH5 km east of CarisbrookJune 2018 
Carwarp100Canadian Solar Group30 km south of Mildura  
Cobden5BE Pro C Pty Ltd3km west of CobdenNew 
Corop440Leeson Group6 km north west of Rushworth  
Cosgrove5BE Pro B Pty Ltd7 km south of DookieOctober 2021 
Derby100ACEnergy6 km south east of Bridgewater  
Faraday5Tetris Energy4.6km south of HarcourtDecember 2022 
Fifth Street, Merebin7.5Powervault Global7 km west of Mildura  
Forestville Solar Farm100FRV Services December 2022 
Frasers75South Energy5 km north of GlengarrySeptember 2020 
Fulham80Solis Re8.4km west of SaleMarch 2022 
Gannawarra Stage 2300Wirsol & Edify Energy15 west of Kerang  
Girgarre Solar85Enel Green Power Australia6 km south west of GirgarreMay 2018 
Girgarre Project 25ACEnergy1.5km south of Girgarre  
Glenrowan140Esco Pacific2 km south west of GlenrowanFebruary 2019 
Goorambat75South Energy2 km south of Goorambat  
Goorambat Stewarton (East)250Neoen2 km south of Goorambat  
Goornong5ACEnergy19 km north-east of BendigoMay 2021 
Greengold Numurkah5Greengold Energy4 km north-east of NumurkahFebruary 2022 
Greentech 25ACEnergy4.5 km south of YarroweyahJuly 2019 
Greentech 35ACEnergy13 km north of Rochester  
Greentech 55ACEnergy12 km east of Shepparton  
Greentech 65ACEnergy3 km north of Tatura  
Greentech 85ACEnergy2 km south west of RaywoodAugust 2020 
Hamilton 5Tetris Energy8.25 kilometres south-west of HamiltonApril 2022 
Hepburn Energy Park (aka Leonards Hill)5Hepburn Wind4 km north of KorweingubooraSeptember 2022 
Horsham130Esco Pacific4 km east of HorshamDecember 2017 
Inverleigh19Inverleigh Wind Farm6 km south of InverleighNew 
Kennedys Creek145South Energy5 km north east of BenallaNovember 2020 
Kerang Acciona40Acciona2 km south of KerangAugust 2017 
Kerang CleanGen 160CleanGen4 km south of KerangAugust 2012 
Kerang CleanGen 260CleanGen7 km south of KerangJanuary 2013 
Kerang Greenswitch50Greenswitch5 km south of KerangJanuary 2013 
Laceby70Bison Energy5 km north east of GlenrowanSeptember 2020 
Lancaster80Esco Pacific8 km east of KyabramDecember 2018 
Ledcourt5Greentech16 km north-west of StawellNovember 2020 
Lemnos100Equis8 km north east of Shepparton  
Macorna100KIG Energy15 km west of Cohuna  
Maffra30ARP Australian Solar2 km north east of MaffraJuly 2018 
Mallee250Energy Australia20 km south of Mildura  
Mangalore 5TetrisNear AvenelDecember 2021 
Melton Renewable Energy Hub12.5MW    
Moira 3 IB VOGT90John Symes2.5 km south of Wungnhu  
Mokoan30Lightsource BP9 km west of Glenrowan  
Mokoan 245Lightsource BP9 km west of GlenrowanJune 2021 
Moolort5Greentech 4 Pty Ltd10 km east of CarisbrookApril 2021 
Morwell70ARP Australian Solar Pty Ltd3.5 km south-east of MorwellJanuary 2022 
Mooroopna18GVCE1 km south of MooroopnaJuly 2022 
Murra Warra235RES22 km south of WarracknabealDecember 2017 
Naring60Lightsource BP10 km east of NumurkahFebruary 2019 
Newstead3MWRenewable Newstead2.5km west of NewsteadApril 2021 
Nhill5Vibe Energy2.5 km south of NhillAugust 2020 
Nowingi250Lyon Group45 km south of MilduraJanuary 2017 
Numurkah Project5ACEnergy5 km north of NumurkahFebruary 2019 
Numurkah Project 25ACEnergy3 km north of NumurkahApril 2019 
Ouyen10BayWa r.e.1.5 km north of OuyenApril 2017 
Perry Bridge50Solis Renewable Energy Pty Ltd8 km east of StratfordApril 2021 
Plenty1.2Nillumbik Shire Council August 2022 
Prairie240Pacific Hydro3 km west of MitiamoJanuary 2019 
Campbells Forest200South Energy6 km south west of Raywood  
Red Cliffs28Australian Solar Group25 km south of MilduraOctober 2015 
SSE 331 Sydney Road5Southern Sustainable Electric4 km east of BenallaAugust 2020 
Stanhope30Globird2 km east of StanhopeMarch 2020 
Stanhope Project 25ACEnergy5 km south east of StanhopeJune 2019 
Stanhope Project 35ACEnergy3 km south of Stanhope  
Stanhope Project 45ACEnergy3 km east of Stanhope  
Stanhope Project 55ACEnergy2.5 km north west of Stanhope  
Stawell5Greentech 7 Pty Ltd5 km north of StawellNoveber 2021 
Toolern Vale16Tetris Energy Pty Ltd5.5km west of Diggers RestMarch 2022 
Tragowel430Tragowel Pty Ltd16 km south of KerangOctober 2018 
Wangaratta20Countryside solar5 km east of WangarattaNovember 2017 
West Mokoan210South Energy6 km South EnergyNovember 2022 
Wodonga50Wodonga Solar Power10 km north east of ChilternFebruary 2018 
Wungnhu Project5ACEnergy1.5 km south of WungnhuApril 2019 
Wungnhu Solar102X-Elio1.5 km north west of WungnhuDecember 2017 
Yelta5Greengold Energy6km east of the MerbeinFebruary 2023 

Planning Permit application lodged and process underway

Power (MW)
ProponentLocationNew or Amended Permit
Anakie5BNRG Leeson6 km south of AnakieNew
Lancefield5BNRG Leeson2 km south of LancefieldNew
Longford5BL Longford Solar Nominees Pty Ltd4 km east of LongfordNew
Ravenswood63FRV Services12.5 km north east of MaldonNew
Seaspray5BNRG Leeson11.8 km south of LongfordNew
Shady Creek60Elgin Energy Pty Ltd7.7 km north of TrafalgarNew
Winton North100Marble Solar4 km west of GlenrowanNew

Under construction

ProjectMaximum Power (MW)ProponentLocation
Cohuna34Leeson Group8.5 km south of Cohuna
Glenrowan West130Overland Sun Farming / Wirtgen Invest5 km west of Glenrowan
Kiamal350Eren Renewable Energy4 km north of Ouyen
Yatpool106Overland Solar Farming22 km south of Mildura

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