A planning permit is required to subdivide land and an application for a residential subdivision will be assessed under the relevant provisions of Clause 56 of all planning schemes.

The Clause 56 requirements are supported by complementary State Planning Policy and planning scheme provisions for subdivision, relevant zones and overlays and planning practice notes.

Clause 56 – Residential subdivision provisions

Clause 56 applies to land in the Residential Growth Zone, General Residential Zone, Neighbourhood Residential Zone, Mixed Use Zone, Township Zone, Comprehensive Development Zone and Priority Development Zone.

The zone provisions set out the requirements to be met for four classes of subdivision based on the number of lots (2 lots, 3-15 lots, 16-59 lots, 60 or more lots).

Under the Incorporated Plan Overlay and the Development Plan Overlay, incorporated plans and development plans for residential subdivision in the above zones must meet the requirements of Clause 56.

Clause 56 includes:

  • Purpose, application, operational requirements and certification of standards
  • 56.01 Subdivision site and context description and design response
  • 56.02 Policy implementation
  • 56.03 Liveable and sustainable communities
  • 56.04 Lot design
  • 56.05 Urban landscape
  • 56.06 Access and mobility management
  • 56.07 Integrated water management
  • 56.08 Site management
  • 56.09 Utilities
  • 56.10 Transitional arrangements.

Planning practice notes

Planning practice notes provide more information about the requirements and processes of Clause 56. They draw attention to sources of design assistance, including technical publications, computer software and sources of general information such as government agency websites.

The Clause 56 practice notes are:

  • PPN38: Using the access and mobility management provisions of Clause 56 - Residential subdivision:
    Technical information and advice about the access and mobility provisions of Clause 56 (PDF, 602.2 KB) or (DOC, 126.0 KB)
  • PPN39: Using the integrated water management provisions of Clause 56 - Residential subdivision:
    Technical information about the integrated water management provisions (PDF, 215.5 KB) or (DOCX, 325.9 KB)
  • PPN40: Using the residential subdivision provisions Clause 56 - Residential subdivision:
    How Clause 56 operates and the objectives of each class of subdivision (PDF, 85.2 KB) or (DOCX, 178.7 KB)
  • PPN41: Using the site management provisions of Clause 56 - Residential subdivision:
    Explains requirements to minimise risks of pollution, protect drainage infrastructure and reduce waste by encouraging use of recycled materials (PDF, 132.1 KB) or (DOCX, 168.7 KB)

Page last updated: 15/04/20