Clause 54 of all planning schemes applies to all single dwellings (including alterations and extensions) where the land is within one of five residential zones:

  • Residential Growth Zone
  • General Residential Zone
  • Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • Mixed Use Zone
  • Township Zone.

Most new single dwellings and alterations / extensions to existing single dwellings don’t need a planning permit. A planning permit is required if one of the following apply:

  • the lot size is less than 300sqm or 500sqm if specified in a schedule to a residential zone; or
  • a Neighbourhood Character Overlay applies to the lot; or
  • another planning scheme control that triggers a planning permit applies.

Clause 54 includes:

  • Purpose, application, operation and requirements
  • 54.01 Neighbourhood and site description and design response
  • 54.02 Neighbourhood character
  • 54.03 Site layout and building massing
  • 54.04 Amenity impacts
  • 54.05 On-site amenity and facilities
  • 54.06 Detailed design

Single dwellings that require a planning permit under another provision in the planning scheme aren’t subject to the Clause 54 provisions (unless specified by a provision of the relevant planning scheme). They will be assessed against the residential development provisions through the building permit process.

More information

For advice on the planning scheme provisions that apply to a single dwelling on a lot or to check if a proposal for a single dwelling requires a planning permit you can read the relevant planning scheme, contact the planning department at the relevant council or a town planning consultant. 

Building permits and single dwellings

The development of a dwelling will require a building permit.

Page last updated: 15/04/20