Clause 58 of all planning schemes applies to an apartment development if the apartment development:

  • is five or more storeys, excluding a basement, and is in the General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone, Mixed Use Zone or Township Zone, or
  • is in the Commercial 1 Zone, Commercial 3 Zone, Special Use Zone, Comprehensive Development Zone, Capital City Zone, Docklands Zone, Priority Development Zone or Activity Centre Zone.

Clause 58 prevails if a zone or overlay specifies a requirement that is different from a requirement in Clause 58 (excluding Clause 58.04-1).

Clause 58 includes:

  • Purpose, application, operation and requirements
  • 58.01 Urban context report and design response
  • 58.02 Urban context
  • 58.03 Site layout
  • 58.04 Amenity impacts
  • 58.05 On-site amenity and facilities
  • 58.06 Detailed design
  • 58.07 Internal amenity

More information

For advice on the planning scheme provisions that apply to apartment developments you can read the relevant planning scheme, contact the planning department at the relevant council or a town planning consultant.

The Better Apartments Design Standards (PDF, 3.1 MB) or (DOC, 678.5 KB) contain detailed information about the operation of, and Standards in Clause 58.

Page last updated: 15/04/20