Some planning permit applications need to be referred to other authorities or organisations for advice and comment. For example, if you’re proposing to change the access to a road that is managed by VicRoads, your application will be referred to VicRoads.

The council will refer the application to other persons or bodies specified as referral authorities in the planning scheme. Referral authorities have 28 days to respond to the council. Some may object to the granting of a permit or specify conditions to be included on a permit.

More information about referrals

  • Check Clause 66 and the schedule to Clause 66.04 of your planning scheme for referral requirements at Planning Schemes Online
  • A referral authority and a council may reach agreement on requirements or conditions for particular kinds of applications. An application that satisfies the agreed requirements or conditions does’nt need to be referred

Page last updated: 22/10/21