If you’re affected by a planning application, you can influence what is proposed and what gets approved: anyone can inspect the plans and make a submission about an application if they have concerns about it. An objector also has the right to have a planning decision reviewed. However, notice and submissions do not occur for all applications; some are exempt from notice and decision requirements.

If you have a planning-related issue with the application you can lodge an objection with council during the 14-day notice period; you can make a submission up to the time council makes its decision on the application. Council can’t make a decision on the application until after the date specified in the notice.

If you support the proposal, you don’t need to do anything unless you’d like to make a submission in support.

If you negotiated changes to the plans with the permit applicant before the application was lodged, you should inspect the plans submitted with the application to make sure they include these changes.

Page last updated: 09/06/17