Our role

An advisory committee was appointed to provide advice on local planning policy requiring environmental sustainability to be considered at the planning stage of the approvals process rather than the building stage.

The polices are proposed in the following planning scheme amendments:


The amendments were requested by six councils seeking to introduce local policies into their respective planning schemes. The local policies would require applicants to consider environmental sustainability at the planning stage rather than just at the building stage.

The panel and advisory committee will operate concurrently with a dual role of hearing submissions in response to the amendments and reviewing the appropriateness of the policies more broadly for inclusion within planning schemes. The Advisory Committee and Panel will provide interested parties, who have made submissions to the amendments, the opportunity to have their views heard in the one forum.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference (PDF, 991.1 KB) for the committee.

Committee members

  • Nick Wimbush (Chair)
  • Ian Coles
  • Gaye McKenzie
  • Sue Porter

Biographies of the Advisory Committee Members (DOC, 331.0 KB)



The amendments for Banyule, Moreland, Port Phillip, Whitehorse and Yarra Councils were exhibited in March and April 2013. The amendment for Stonnington was exhibited in April and May 2013.

Public hearing

The advisory committee hearings commenced its hearings on 25 November 2013. View a copy of the hearing timetable (DOCX, 200.6 KB)

Written submissions

At the close of the hearings, the advisory committee issued a letter on 20 December 2013 (PDF, 105.3 KB) inviting parties to the hearing to comment on the question, 'What improvements could be made to the state planning system (if any) in relation to incorporating environmentally efficient design into the planning framework?'.

Responses received by the advisory committee are listed below:

Report and outcome

The advisory committee report and the approved amendment documentation is available under each of the relevant Planning Scheme Amendment records in Planning Schemes Online .

More information

For questions about the advisory committee and panel process contact Greta Grivas, Senior Project Manager at Planning Panels Victoria.

Phone: (03) 8392 5121

Email: greta.grivas@delwp.vic.gov.au