The Minister for Planning appointed a Standing Advisory Committee to provide advice on the suitability of proposed land rezonings for sites previously used by the former Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).


The Minister for Education holds a large portfolio of surplus sites which must be disposed of to meet DEECD's land sales targets to provide renewal in education facilities. These sites require rezoning from a Public Use Zone prior to sale.

The government endorsed a pilot process to enable the rezoning of DEECD land that allows the sites to be brought forward to sale more quickly than current land disposal processes.

The Minister for Planning will be required to implement any recommended rezoning by way of a planning scheme amendment.

The project deals with 22 surplus DEECD sites in tranches; the first tranche consisting of nine priority sites within three municipalities (Greater Bendigo, Casey and Monash). Rezoning proposals have been prepared for each site.

All of the sites are vacant or disused and were declared surplus to the government's educational requirements.

Terms of reference

Read the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee : Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee ((DOCX, 429.5 KB))

Standing Advisory Committee members

  • Lester Townsend (Chair)
  • Rodger Eade (Deputy Chair)
  • Des Grogan
  • Chris Harty
  • Jane Osborn
  • Cazz Redding


The Standing Advisory Committee submitted its report for Tranche 1 to the Minister for Planning on 22 November 2013.

The report will be made available here once it has been released.

More information

If you have any queries regarding the advisory committee process please contact Planning Panels Victoria at