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The State Planning Policy Framework (SPPF) is a key part of the Victorian planning system and the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP). It sets the key policy direction for state planning issues.

The Minister for Planning established an Advisory Committee to review the SPPF in July 2013. The review aligned and integrated all state policy matters with the key strategic directions and strategic maps identified in Plan Melbourne and eight regional growth plans.

In October 2013, the terms of reference of the Committee were expanded to review ways in which Local Planning Policy Frameworks (LPPF) could be better aligned with the SPPF.

Terms of reference

Terms of Reference for the Advisory Committee (PDF, 869.5 KB)

Amended terms of reference

On 22 October 2013, the Minister for Planning expanded the scope and timeframe of the Advisory Committee to include consideration and the relationship of local policy with a revised state policy structure.

Addendum to the Terms of Reference (PDF, 740.2 KB).

Committee members

  • Geoff Underwood (Chair)
  • Cazz Redding
  • Nicola Smith
  • Lester Townsend.

Biographies of the Advisory Committee members (DOC, 331.0 KB).


The Advisory Committee prepared a document called the Draft Planning Policy Framework (PPF) which showed how a revised format for the SPPF and the LPPF could work. It was available for feedback from councils and others until 4.00 pm Friday 23 May 2014.

The Committee worked closely with council planners, state government departments and statutory authorities, and industry stakeholders to:

  • identify opportunities to make the SPPF easier to navigate
  • remove redundant (outdated) policy
  • update the policy framework to reflect the draft Plan Melbourne (October 2013), regional growth plans and reformed zones
  • develop a system which enables state, regional and local policy on specific themes to sit together to form a cohesive policy narrative, rather than be split across different, unconnected parts of the planning scheme.

The Committee asked for feedback on the form, content and workability of the draft PPF before it reported to the Minister for Planning to make recommendations on the way forward. See the tabs below for:

  • information about the draft Planning Policy Framework
  • the Master Copy of the draft Planning Policy Framework
  • the tailored version for each planning scheme.

The draft Planning Policy Framework was drafted to:

  • change the way planners make decisions: a facilitation approach rather than a regulation approach
  • be more user friendly: easier to read, understand and navigate
  • include more graphics
  • link state, regional and local policy to better align policy matters ensuring local policy retains its important role.

The Committee also brought the state and regional policy content of planning policy up to date including:

  • incorporating Plan Melbourne (October 2013) and regional growth plans
  • updating the PPF to clarify major reforms to the state's commercial, industrial, residential and rural zones.


The draft PPF integrates state, regional and local policy so it’s easier to interpret the policy when making planning and development decisions.

All state, regional and local policy on a particular issue is now in one Clause, rather than being spread across the SPPF, Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) and Local Policies.

The draft PPF for all planning schemes includes high level state policy about each issue to provide a context for decision making. Only relevant detailed policy that applies to a particular municipality is included that draft PPF (for example, Stonnington does not contain detailed rural land policy; Indigo does not contain detailed coastal policy).

The Integrated Policy Framework

Whole of Victoria


Applies to all planning schemes
Regional Victoria Applies to all planning schemes with land outside Melbourne's metropolitan Boundary
Thematic areas Applies to planning schemes with particular types of land, for example, coastal areas
Regions These are the regions covered by the regional growth plans and metropolitan Melbourne

Local Policy Template

A local policy template is available to assist councils in trialling how the MSS and Local Policies may be translated into the draft PPF format.

Advisory Committee Report

The Advisory Committee Report will be made available here once it is made available to the public.

More information


View the video outlining the rationale behind the format of the PPF, and how the document works.

The master version of the draft Planning Policy Framework (PPF) shows how the state and regional policies apply.

Not all policies apply to all planning schemes. Policies that apply to specific planning schemes are indicated in the table included in Clause 01.03. Places where local policy may be included (if relevant) are indicated throughout the document.

Complete PDF version of the draft PPF and complete accessible Word version (excluding maps):

The draft PPF is a large document: it’s also available in smaller parts:

Tailored versions of the draft PPF have been provided for each planning scheme to demonstrate how the PPF would be applied at a local level, see the Planning Schemes tab.

These versions of the draft Planning Policy Framework (PPF) show how the state, thematic and regional policies apply to each planning scheme. Places where local policy may be included (if relevant) are indicated throughout the documents.

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Note: The preparation of the draft Planning Policy Frameworks for each municipality has produced a number of minor errors including page numbering and omission of explicit places for local policy under some sub headings. Local councils will have the ability to include local policy wherever state policy is expressed.

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