Fishermans Bend is Australia’s largest urban renewal project and is a vital component of accommodating Melbourne’s growth.

Amendment GC81 to the Melbourne and Port Phillip Planning Schemes  introduced a suite of permanent planning controls for Fishermans Bend on 5 October 2018. The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions is preparing detailed precinct plans and concurrently developing an Infrastructure Contributions Plan which builds upon the strategic directions included within the Fishermans Bend Framework. 

In order to enable the consideration of appropriate urban renewal within Fishermans Bend, the Minister for Planning has appointed a Standing Advisory Committee to review proposals for site-specific planning controls for:

  • land subject to permit applications called-in by the Minister for Planning prior to the approval of Amendment GC81.
  • land subject to a proposal for use and development in Fishermans Bend that responds to local policy, meets the requirements of the planning controls introduced by Amendment GC81 that would otherwise apply and makes appropriate development contributions.

More Information

  • For day to day liaison or questions on the proposed site-specific controls contact: 
    Development Approvals & Design, DELWP 
    ☎ Phone: (03) 9637 9576 
    ✉ Email:  development.approvals@delwp.vic.gov.au
  • If you have any questions on the Advisory Committee and Public Hearing process contact: 
    Greta Grivas, Planning Panels Victoria 
    ☎ Phone: (03) 8392 5121
    ✉ Email:  planning.panels@delwp.vic.gov.au

Panel or Committee

The Minister for Planning has appointed the Fishermans Bend Planning Review Panel to report on the appropriateness of draft Planning Scheme Amendment GC81.

Terms of Reference

The Minister for Planning signed terms of reference (DOCX, 57.0 KB) for the Fishermans Bend Planning Review Panel on 22 October 2017.

Planning Review Panel members

The Minister has appointed the following members to the Review Panel:

  • Kathy Mitchell (Chair)
  • Lester Townsend (Deputy Chair)
  • Sarah Carlisle
  • Rodger Eade
  • Peter Edwards

Learn more about the panel members by reading their biographies (DOC, 53.5 KB).


Submissions period

Submissions in response to the draft Amendment GC81 were collected between 31 October and 15 December 2017 . The submissions period has now closed.

View submissions

Public briefing sessions about the draft planning scheme amendment and Planning Review Panel process were held:

10.00am, Friday 10 and Friday 24 November 2017 at Planning Panels Victoria

These briefing sessions will be replicated at:

Time: 10.00 am
Date: Tuesday 13 February 2018
Location: Hearing Room 1, Planning Panels Victoria
Ground Floor, 1 Spring Street

Directions hearing

A Directions Hearing was held on Wednesday 20 December 2017 at Planning Panels Victoria

A second Directions Hearing was held on Friday 2 February 2018 at Planning Panels Victoria

Public hearing

A Public Hearing will be held to provide the opportunity to parties that have lodged a submission to make a more detailed submission to the review panel.

The Hearings will be held in two stages:

  • Stage 2: 9 April - 24 May 2018
  • Stage 1: 1 March - 28 March 2018

Download the Hearing timetable (PDF, 673.7 KB)

View documents tabled through the public hearing process.


The Minister for Planning approved Planning Scheme Amendment GC81 to the Melbourne and Port Phillip Planning Schemes on 5 October 2018.

More Information

If you have any questions or need further information, get in touch via the contact details below.

  • For information about draft Amendment GC81 and the Fishermans Bend Framework Plan, please contact:
    The Fishermans Bend Taskforce
    ☎ Phone: (03) 9948 2857
    ✉ Email: fishermansbend@delwp.vic.gov.au
  • For information about the Planning Review Panel and Public Hearing process, please contact:
    Planning Panels Victoria
    ☎ Phone: (03) 8392 5123
    ✉ Email: planning.panels@delwp.vic.gov.au


All supporting documents for this project can be found here.

Supporting Documents

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