Panel reports for planning permit applications that have been called-in or referred to the Minister for Planning are released at the Minister's discretion, usually once a final decision has been made about the matter under consideration.

Planning permit call-in reports aren’t automatically made publicly available 28 days after panel's report has been submitted.

Find recently released reports below; earlier reports can be found at the Australian Legal Information Institute.

Erection of 75 turbines as part of the Crowlands Wind Energy Facility, near Crowlands, approximately 25 km north east of Ararat.

Report submitted 18 June 2008:

Subdivision of land at 228 Griffiths Street, Port Fairy.

Report submitted 16 June 2009:

Erection of sixty-four wind turbines as part of the Lal Lal Wind Farm on two sites in Yendon and Elaine, south-east of Ballarat.

Report submitted 11 February 2009:

Establishment of a 110 turbine, 5600 hectare wind farm 5km south of Ballan.

Report submitted 16 September 2010:

Erection of ninety-six wind turbines as part of the Mortlake Wind Farm on two sites to the east and south of Mortlake.

Report submitted 10 August 2010:

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