Papers prepared by (or for) Planning Panels Victoria on matters considered to be topical at the time of preparation can be found below.

Trends and issues emerging from consideration of the first five Format Planning Schemes - March 1998

An overview of issues covered by the Ballarat, Campaspe, Glenelg, Mitchell and Port Phillip New Format Planning Scheme Panels.

Format for Municipal Strategic Statements in New Format Planning Schemes - May 1998

Post New Format Planning Scheme Panels review of the format of Municipal Strategic Statements.

Final Report on New Format Planning Schemes - April 1999

An overview of issues covered by the New Format Planning Scheme Panels.

Response to Metropolitan Strategy - February 2003

Strategic Review of Panel Reports for Metropolitan Planning Schemes submitted between October 2002 and 10 February 2003.

Review of Planning Panels Reports in Respect to Neighbourhood Character - October 2003

A summary of Panel Reports and their consideration of various aspects of the issue  of neighbourhood character controls.

Review of Precinct Structure Plans (PSP): 2009 - 2010 (August 2010)

Issues emerging from Precinct Structure Plan matters.

Heritage Issues - summaries from recent Panel reports

A compilation of summaries prepared by Panel Members of key issues emerging in recent reports on Amendments relating to heritage provisions.

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