As re-exhibited, Amendment C104 seeks to facilitate the redevelopment of the Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre to expand the retail and commercial floorspace towards the north and north-east of the centre. The proposal includes revisions made to the original proposal, exhibited in July 2016, following the acquisition of an adjoining site at 20-34 Westfield Drive, Doncaster by the proponent. A proposed Development Plan has been prepared that provides an overview about how the site will be developed.

Amendment C104 will amend (change) the Manningham Planning Scheme. If approved, it will:

  • Delete the existing Incorporated Plan Overlay (Schedule 1) from the land at 619 Doncaster Road and 1 Grosvenor Street, Doncaster.
  • Apply a new Development Plan Overly – Schedule 4 (DP04) to the land at 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster.
  • Apply the Road Closure Overlay to the westernmost end of Westfield Drive.
  • Amend the Development Contributions Overlay – Schedule 1.
  • Approve other changes to the Manningham Planning Scheme related to the Westfield Doncaster extension.

If approved, the Development Plan will support the extension of the Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre.

Page last updated: 08/10/20