The Victorian Government initiated the Smart Planning program to reform and modernise the Victorian planning system.  The aim of the Smart Planning program is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of planning schemes.  

As part of that program, a discussion paper Reforming the Victoria Planning Provisions was released in October 2017 and comment sought on a range of proposals to improve the system. Proposal 5.2 of the discussion paper was to review and update the land use terms section of the VPP.

Advisory committee and Amendment VC159

The Minister for Planning appointed the Land Use Terms Advisory Committee to review and recommend improvements to land use terms and their definitions in Clause 73.03 (formerly Clause 74) of the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP). The Minister has considered the report of the advisory committee and approved Amendment VC159 to the VPP and all planning schemes to introduce new land use terms, revise the definition of land use terms and change where land use terms are nested.

Amendment VC163

Amendment VC163 amends the VPP and all planning schemes to correct a technical error in Clause 73.04 (nesting diagrams) by re-inserting nesting diagrams inadvertently removed through Amendment VC159.

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