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In August 2010, following the consideration of the Panel Report for the proposed Berrybank Wind Farm, the then Minister for Planning issued Planning Permit 2009002820 (Corangamite) and planning permit 2009002821 (Golden Plains) for use and development of a wind energy facility.

The Minister for Planning also issued planning permit P09/134A lodged (Golden Plains) for removal of native vegetation associated with construction of an electricity transmission line.  

The planning permits include conditions relating to turbine numbers, overall maximum blade tip height tower height.  The permit 20092820 (Golden Plains) allows for up to 49 turbines. The planning permit conditions included a restriction of a 131 metre tip height and a maximum 80 metre tower height.  The permit 20092821 (Corangamite) allows for up to 50 turbines to a 131-metre tip height and a maximum 80 metre tower height.

From 14 August until 11 September 2017, public notice of an application by United Power Generation Pty Ltd to the Minister for Planning to amend planning permits 20092820 and 20092821 to the Berrybank Wind Farm was given.  At the time of referral to the Panel, a total of 11 submissions were received.

In September 2017, the Minister appointed a Panel to consider the application to amend the Permits and the submissions received in response to it.

The application is to amend planning permits 2009/2820 (Corangamite) and 2009/2821 (Golden Plains) to increase the turbine height and reduce the number of turbines for newer and more efficient turbines compared to the current permit.

The role of the Panel was to to review the application to amend the planning permits issued for the use and development of the Berrybank Wind Farm.

Panel members

The Minister has appointed a Panel, which consists of:

  • Brett Davis (Chair)
  • Ian Harris
  • Phil West


Public Hearings

14-17 November 2017: Public hearings took place at the Killara Centre, Camperdown

Panel Report

The Panel has submitted its report to the Minister for Planning.

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