Application Number: 20070622A

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Address of Land

675 La Trobe Street, Melbourne Docklands VIC

Description of proposal

Modifications to the permit preamble, Condition 1 (Amended plans), insertion of Condition 2(Stage 2 plans), Condition 6 (landscape plan), deletion of Condition 8 (incorporated in Condition 6), Condition 9(wind assessment), Condition 10 (Materials & finishes to be submitted per stage). Amended plans which are contained within the plans "Ellenberg Fraser N.E.S.P plans TP001-TP1002 Revision P". Use of land for the purpose of multiple dwellings, serviced apartments and retail premises (excluding hotel) and development of a multi-level, mixed use building in two stages with associated car parking.

Application Details

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