Application Number: 20070541D

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Blair Henry

PDG Corporation

17/501 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Address of Land

302-324 Russell Street, Melbourne VIC

Description of proposal

- Amendment to permit preamble to replace "53 storeys" with "multi-storey". - Deletion of Conditions 1(b) (verandah/balcony setback and clearance), 1(c) (architectural fin), 1(e) (air conditioning units), 5 (Demolition), 17 (mechanical car lift system) as they are no longer relevant to the revised plans. - Insertion of Conditions 1(b-f) (Amended Plans). - Insertion of Conditions 4 (Legal Agreement) relating to building openings to adjoining properties and building projections. - Amended Condition 5 (Construction Management Plan). - Amended Condition 7 (Wind Assessment). - Insertion of Condition 19 regarding the siting and design of bicycle spaces. - Insertion of Condition 20 to require revised plans if approval for extension to two-way access on Hayward Lane is not approved by City of Melbourne. - Amended Condition 24 (Drainage) to make reference to Water Sensitive Urban Design. - Amended Condition 28 (Waste Management Plan). - Renumbering of conditions as a result of the modification outlined above. - Insertion of Condition 31 regarding the environmental assessment of the site. - Additional notes added to permit. Development of the land on three lots, including demolition and buildings and works to construct a multi storey building with basement for the purpose of Accommodation, Office, ground floor retail, with associated car parking.

Application Details