Application Number: 2001159

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Vicsmart Application


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Peter Suffren

Grand Lodge Holding Limited & Freemasons Hospital C/ Bovis Lend Lease Pty Ltd

Level 32/140 William Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Address of Land

Site A: Land (Freemasons Hospital) situated on the SE Cnr Albert and Clarendon Streets
and Site B: Land (Dallas Brooks Hall, Masonic Centre and Freemasons Medical Centre & Car Park) NE Cnr Eades & Albert Streets EAST MELBOURNE VIC

Description of proposal

Site A: Develop & use for Residential purposes comprising 154 dwellings together with associated amenities & facilities including a convenience shop (corner store/deli) and cafe and the retention/refurbishment of parts of the original hospital building & the (3) terrace houses at 128-132 Grey Street. Site B: Develop & use for new hospital, office/medical facilities and associated amenities and facilities and a new Masonic Centre together with associated amenities and facilities. The development would also allow demolition of Dallas Brooks Hall and consolidation of Freemasons Hospital's services and operations onto one site.

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