Application Number: 20091139A

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Teresa Coldebella

ACN 137997374 Pty Ltd

Level 9/365 Queen Street MELBOURNE VIC 3000

Address of Land

593 - 597, 599 Little Lonsdale Street and Northern Part 601 - 611 Little Lonsdale Street, Northern Part of 5 - 11 Alston Lane and Part of Elliot Lane Melbourne VIC

Description of proposal

Address of the land has been altered to specify 601-611 Little Lonsdale Street. Condition 1f, relating to minimum passenger lift size has been altered to 1.4 metres by 1.9 metres. Condition 14 has been altered to change the word 'must' to 'should'. Condition 15 has been altered to include 'or an acceptable alternative'. Demolition of existing buildings and buildings and works to construct one multiple dwelling tower with associated parking and retail (excluding hotel and/or tavern) and to discontinue Elliott Lane and Corporation lanes CL1164 & CL1018 and dispensation of the standard loading requirements.

Application Details