Application Number: PDA08/0090.01

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Rachael O'Neill

SJB Planning P/L

PO Box1149 South Melbourne VIC 3205

Address of Land

157-163 Lonsdale Street Dandenong VIC 3175

Description of proposal

1. The planning permit number is amended to reflect the amendments. It is changed from PDA09/0080 to PDA09/0080.01 2. The address of the land is amended to 157-163 Lonsdale St, Dandenong Vic 3175 3. The description of the permit is amended to remove reference to the number of signs. 4. Conditions 1,5 and 6 of the original planning permit are deleted and the remaining conditions are renumbered in sequence. The permit now contains Conditions 1 to 5 only. Display of business identification and internally illuminated signs.

Application Details