Application Number: PDA06/0007.02

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Frank Taraborelli

Designorama P/L

706 Nepean Highway Carrum VIC 3197

Address of Land

5 Stud Road Dandenong VIC

Description of proposal

The permit reference is amended from PDA06/0007.01 to PDA06/0007.02. The preamble is also amended to delete specific reference to the number of dwellings and reworded to remove any ambiguities. All of these changes were made pursuant to an application to amend the endorsed plans that form part of the permit. Construction of buildings and works and a reduction of the car parking requirements of Clause 52.06 of the Planning Scheme for the purpose of multiple dwellings Building and works in association with a five-level building containing sixteen (16) dwellings

Application Details