Application Number: TP04/0197B

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Frank Mancuso

Little Saigon Supermarket P/L

1/191 Drummond Street Carlton VIC 3053

Address of Land

68-82 Hopkins Street Footscray VIC

Description of proposal

Rewording the permit preamble by deleting reference to office use. Rewording condition 1(iv) by deleting reference to retail customer car parking. Deletion of dot point 6 of condition 1(vii) relating to the provision of roof top fruit and vegetable garden plots. The following corrections have also been made to the permit pursuant to section 71 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Correction to the second last paragraph of condition 4 by replacing reference to 'condition 3' with 'condition 4'. Update planning officer contact details at the end of Condition 14. Deletion of a notation at the end of condition 38 not forming part of the original VicRoads condition. Deletion of the last two dot points under to 'Amended Permit' note of 21 April 2011. a) The use of the land for dwellings b) The development of the land for a multi-level residential, and retail building c) A reduction in the required number of car parking spaces

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