Application Number: PA1800330

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Grace Abou Abdallah

Environmental Resources Management (Australia) Pty Ltd

PO Box 266 South Melbourne VIC 3205

Address of Land

Tarrone North Road Tarrone VIC 3283

Description of proposal

A permit is required to carry out buildings and works to include: - New Ryan Corner and Hawkesdale Shared Connection Assets (500kV Circuit Breaker) - New 500kV Transformer and Gantry Area - New Retention Pond - New 132kV Busbar and Switchgear - 2 new 132kV Powerline Poles - New 132kV Easement - 3 Conductors extending from the proposed new 500kV Transformer Gantry Area to the new Ryan Corner and Hawkesdale shared connection assets (500kV Circuit Breaker).

Application Details