Application Number: 2013005494A

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

David Hickey

Flemington Property Dev.Pty Ltd c/- SJB Planning

PO Box 1149 South Melbourne VIC 3205

Address of Land

19-35 Flemington Road & 23-35 Blackwood Street North Melbourne VIC 3051

Description of proposal

Modification to Condition 7 to reflect the changes to Leukemia Foundation as shown within the associated plans. To demolish the existing building, and to construct a multi-storey mixed use development, to use the land for the purpose of Medical Centre and Retail (excluding Hotel and Tavern), Gambling Premises and Adult Sex Bookshop) and comprising dwellings, and to vary the requirements of Clause 52.06dwellings, and to vary the requierments of Clause 52.06

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