Application Number: 20060428F

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Will Pearce

150 Clarendon Pty Ltd - c/o - Urbis Pty Ltd

Level 12/120 Collins Street Melbourne VIC VIC 3000

Address of Land

150 Clarendon Street and 134 - 188 Gipps Street, East Melbourne VIC

Description of proposal

The permit is amended to alter the permit preamble, increasing the number of consulting suites to 20, and altering the number of seats in food and drink premises, as well as to introduce a business identification signage strategy. Also addition of Condition 32 relating to a signage strategy, and alteration to the number of seats listed in Condition 23 from 165 seats to between 134 and 170 after 6pm. Demolition works, external alterations and additions and use and development for the purpose of multiple dwellings, a licenced cafe and retail food shop (20 seats), a licenced food and drink premises (130 seats), a licenced restaurant (134-170 seats depending on time of day as per relevant condition), in addition to the existing use as a medical centre (20 consulting suites), business identification signage and a reduction in the statutory rate for car parking.

Application Details