Application Number: 2012005926A

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Vicsmart Application


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Claudia Tonelli

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club C/- Glossop Town Planning

Level 1/182 Capel Street NORTH MELBOURNE VIC 3051

Address of Land

270 Nelson Place Williamstown VIC

Description of proposal

The amendment assures that there will be no future development within the area nominated for a public pathway along the foreshore which joins Ferguson Street Pier. The amendment eliminates the need for a temporary public pathway which would traverse directly through the Hobsons Bay Yacht Club Site. Condition 1 (a) was revised to state ' measured from the finished foreshore line and extending along the entire breadth of the site to align with the 'no build area' on the site adjacent to the south as identified in Planning Permit No.:2011/011047. This area is to be annotated on the plans as being 'For future pedestrian access. No permanent above ground buildings or structures (excluding surface treatment, line marking and those required to enable future pedestrian access) is permitted within this area' on the land. Buildings and works associated with an extension to the existing Clubhouse, and waiver of the requirements of Clause 52.07.

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