Application Number: PA2000877

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Kieran Jacka

Wimmera Plains Energy Facility Pty Ltd c/- Energy Forms

79-81 Coppin Street Australia Richmond VIC 3121

Address of Land

1797 Henty Highway Jung VIC 3401

Description of proposal

Ancillary to this use and development a planning permit is also being sought for the following activities: • Use and development of a wind energy facility, use and development of a utility installation - Clause 35.07-1 (Farming Zone); • Works within 100m from Road Zone Category 1, works which change the rate of flow or the discharge point of water across a property boundary - Clause 35.07-4 (Farming Zone); • Use and development of a utility installation - Clause 36.04-1 (Road Zone); • Construct or put up for display a business identification sign - Clause 52.05-2 (Signs); • Remove, destroy or lop native vegetation, including dead vegetation - Clause 52.17 (Native Vegetation); • Create or alter access to a Road Zone Category 1 - Clause 52.29-2 (Land Adjacent to a Road Zone Category 1); • Use and development of land for a wind energy facility - Clause 52.32 (Wind Energy Facility); and • This application also seeks approval of car parking spaces to the satisfaction of the responsible authority under Clause 52.06-6.

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