Application Number: 2011009906A

Date received


Vicsmart Application


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Paul McNamara

Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board

Summit Road MT BULLER VIC 3723

Address of Land

Athletes Walk Mt Buller Alpine Resort VIC

Description of proposal

The permit preamble has been amended to delete the words "an outdoor plaza, raised deck entry to the Abom", Condition 1 has been deleted (Prior to the commencement of development amended plans to the satisfaction of the Responsible Authority must be submitted to and be approved by the Responsible Authority. The plans must generally be in accordance with the plans submitted with the application but modified to show: a) Full details of the raised deck entries from the outdoor plaza to the Abom Hotel.) , The protected flora and fauna permit note from DSE has been deleted. , Endorse modified plans including a modified construction management plan. Buildings and works associated with the construction of a walkway and associated landscaping.

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