Application Number: PDA06/0082.02

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Vanessa Turner

Deal Corporation - c/o Vanessa Turner c/- SJB Planning

Level , Building D/80 Dorcas Street Southbank VIC VIC 3006

Address of Land

157-163 Lonsdale Street & 130-134 Foster Street Dandenong VIC 3175

Description of proposal

**Condition 1.5 was removed to be consistent with the endorsed plans. Clerical corrections The land description was corrected and the superfluous words ", or some other specified plans," were removed from condition 1.** Demolition of a building in a Heritage Overlay. Use of the land for a food and drink premises (ground floor), retail premises (ground floor), function centre (first floor Lonsdale Street building), residential building (second, third, fourth and fifth floors Lonsdale Street building). Buildings and works in association with the uses above and dwellings (sixth and seventh floors Lonsdale Street) and offices (third fourth and fifth floors of the Thomas Street building). A reduction in car parking requirements associated with the retail premises, food & drink premises and serviced apartments and function centre under Clauses 37.02 Schedule 2 and 52.06 of the planning scheme. A waiver of loading and unloading facilities requirements under Clause 52.07 of the planning scheme. Alteration of access to a road in a Road Zone Category 1. Use of the cafe, funtion centre and serviced apartments (bar fridges) to sell and consume liquor.

Application Details