Application Number: 20060453A

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Christina McRae

Tewlen Pty Ltd C/- Fulcrum Town Planners


Address of Land

174-184 City Road, Southbank VIC

Description of proposal

- Amendment to the permit preamble to change the number of building levels from 43 to 37 levels. - Amendment to the permit preamble to include reference to business identification signs. - Delete condition 1 and renumber consequentially. - Delete condition 11 and insert new conditions 11-14 relating to outdoor advertising signs. - Insert new condition 28 relating to ESD. - Amend the plans and elevations to: - Reduce the overall building height by 8 floor levels and the intermediate tower height by 11 floor levels and lower the podium height by 3.3 metres. - Delete one floor level of office and the composition of apartments, resulting in a reduction of the total office floor area from 5,680m2 to 3500m2 and apartments reduced from a total of 398 to 317. - Reduce the height of the north east corner podium element relative to the overall change in height of the podium. - Reduce the area of plant on floor 20. - Include business identification signs. - Reduce the number of internal lifts from 3 to 2. - Amend the swimming pool roof. Demolition and removal of the existing building, development of a 37 level residential building with associated business identification signs for the purposes of multiple dwellings, ground floor retail and office at podium level, and associated car parking

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