Application Number: 2011013730A

Date received


Vicsmart Application


Application Detail

Adam Haines

Far East Consortium c/- SJB Planning Pty Ltd

Level 1, Building D 80 Dorcas Street Australia Southbank VIC 3006

Address of Land

250 Spencer Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Description of proposal

Modification to the permit preamble to remove reference to the demolition of the existing building and to refer to use of the land for supermarket; Modification to Condition 1, 2, 3, 12, 25, 28, 39 & 43 to exclude 'demolition, bulk excavation, site preparation, soil removal, site remediation, retention works, footings, ground beams and ground slab and temporary structures'; Modification to Condition 1 to delete b) and to insert parts c) - j) inclusive; Modification to Condition 2 to delete part d) and i), and insert new part d) and e) and renumber the remaining parts; Modification to Condition 4 to insert c) and d) and renumber the remaining parts; Insertion of Condition 5; Modification to Condition 8 to refer to the park; Deletion of Condition 12 (Demolition Management Plan) and subsequent renumbering of permit conditions; Modification to Public Transport Victoria conditions including modification to Condition 14(a) & 15, deletion of Condition 20 and 21 and insertion of Condition 24; Modification to Condition 25 associated with the public realm; Modification to Condition 29 (ESD) condition; Modification to Condition 35 by inserting parts h), i) and j); and Modification to Condition 49 to reference the Department, Transport and Local Infrastructure Advisory Note; and Modification to Condition 50 to exclude demolition Modification to Condition 51 for timeframes Demolition of the existing building and a staged redevelopment of the site including construction of multi-storey mixed-use buildings with advertising signage.

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