The Planning and Environment Regulations 2015 and the Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2011 set out requirements for operation of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Subdivision Act 1988. Regulations are statutory rules created under the relevant Acts of Parliament.

The Planning and Environment Regulations 2015 prescribe the requirements for the operation of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 (the Act). This includes:

  • the manner and form for giving notice for planning scheme amendments and planning permit applications
  • times for applications to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • times for doing anything required to be done by the Act
  • various forms, for example, the form of a planning permit
  • information to be included in any applications, notices, permits and requests required to be given by the Act
  • the manner of keeping the planning permit application register
  • information to be made available by responsible authorities to the public and the Minister for Planning
  • information which must be set out in a planning certificate
  • other matters required by the Act.

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The Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2011 regulate the process for plan of subdivision certification and associated matters. They are one half of the Regulations that replaced the Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2000 and came into operation on 8 October 2011.

The other half of the former regulations are the Subdivision (Registrar's Requirements) Regulations 2011. These regulations set out the matters relating to the registration of plans of subdivision by the Registrar of Titles and are prepared by the department.

The Regulations include provisions that:

  • prescribe time limits for things done under the Subdivision Act 1988 (the Act).
  • prescribe forms authorised by the Act.
  • provide for procedures relating to the certification of plans.
  • require councils to maintain a register of applications made under the Act.
  • provide for other matters authorised by the Act.

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