In response to user feedback, a range of enhancements have been made to the state-wide mapping tool VicPlan.

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VicPlan was released in August 2017 as a replacement for the 15,000 PDF maps that provide location-based zone and overlay information.

The key enhancements include:

The enhancements will provide a more functional, intuitive and user-friendly mapping tool for planning professionals and the wider community.

  • Independent layer control - select the zone or overlay that is relevant to the property, to provide distinction between different layers (particularly if they are similar colours/patterns). Layer control is also available in the Export Map function, so you are able to print only the relevant layers.
  • Identify feature - provides more information about a zone or overlay, and highlights the layer to show how far it extends and where the boundary exists.
  • Swatch key - shows the colour/pattern of the zone or overlay in the property information panel, to more easily identify which planning scheme document relates to the zone or overlay.
  • Greyscale base map – allows greater distinction between the base map and the zones and overlays. Transparency sliders have also been implemented, for greater user control over colour boldness.
  • Mark up and measure tools – provide the ability to draw on the map, as well as find dimensions and area information.
  • Address highlighter – the property address is now highlighted in the search pane, to allow easier identification of which address relates to the property on the map.

As part of our ongoing commitment to continually improve VicPlan, we want your feedback.

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