Find out more about the new digital improvements that the Smart Planning team has made throughout September.

We need your feedback on the Practitioner’s Guide …

‘A Practitioner’s Guide to Victorian Planning Schemes’ (Version 1.1) has been uploaded to the Planning Resource Library and is now ready to use.

The guide has been created for practitioners who are considering or preparing a new or revised provision for a planning scheme.

Download the Practitioner's Guide to the Victorian Planning Schemes (PDF, 1.6 MB)

It will be a ‘living document’ that is continuously improved and revised with feedback collected from its users. This feedback is important in ensuring that the guide is up-to-date and factual.

Users are encouraged to start using the guide from today and once ready, complete our survey using the below link:

Submit your feedback

Any feedback received by early December will be considered in preparing ‘Version 2.0’, which will be available around March 2019. Providing as much detail as possible will be extremely helpful for DELWP and for other users.

Introducing the Amendments Register …

Finding amendments has never been easier. We’ve now implemented an Amendments Register on the portal so you can find an amendment and see how it is progressing.

Information from the Amendment Tracking System (ATS) will be provided directly to the website in the register to display up-to-date information about amendments.

You will have the ability to:

  • Search for an amendment by entering your amendment number or description.
  • Search from the home page by entering your planning scheme and selecting the amendments tab
  • Find your planning scheme from a map view which will take you to your planning scheme and list of amendments
  • Filter the table based on date and decision status

Once you have located the amendment you are looking for, you will be able to view specific details about the amendment to learn more about how your amendment is progressing through the gazettal process.

Browse amendments

Ministerial Planning Permits Register

The Register has ;up-to-date information of permit applications, sourced straight from the Permits Online system and its Ministerial Permits component. This integration means the information is real-time and allows you to view the status of the application in the end-to-end process.

In the new Ministerial Planning Permits Register you can:

  • Filter your permit application search results to find specific applications
  • Search for Permit applications from your mobile device with our mobile-friendly view
  • Get all permit details and supporting documents in a permit detailed view

View the Minister's Planning Register here