Planning Scheme Amendment VC224 was gazetted today. This means, among other VPP changes, the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme has introduced the Future Homes pilot project.

The Future Homes pilot project includes a new and bespoke planning provision to facilitate the streamlined delivery of high-quality, sustainable, and liveable apartments, using one of the four Future Homes exemplar designs.

Some of the key facts about Future Homes are:

  • The partnership project between:
    • DELWP
    • Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA)
    • Maribyrnong City Council
  • It does not seek to impose apartment development but instead, improve the quality of developments that are already happening
  • It facilitates the building of better apartments, in areas capable of supporting gentle density increases
  • There are four different exemplar designs available for purchase and adapt, to suit individual needs, different site context and conditions
  • If adapted correctly, planning approval could be achieved in less than half the current typical planning timeframes
  • Clear locational parameters are introduced so it is easy to understand which sites can support a Future Homes proposal, avoiding the need to reinterrogate whether gentle density is appropriate in specific locations. To further simplify this process, an interactive map has been created for public use
  • Mandatory planning requirements are introduced to maintain the commitment of high-quality design, sustainability and liveability, and provides clear direction to applicants on what matters cannot be varied
  • DELWP and the OVGA are embedded into the process to further assist applicants and council in achieving the high quality, liveable and sustainable outcomes committed to under Future Homes
  • There is the possibility of additional monetary savings for early takers, enquire with the Future Home team.

Visit Future Homes to learn more