DELWP is seeking feedback on a discussion paper to improve the operation of ResCode.

The paper introduces a new assessment model and how it may be applied to ResCode, Victoria’s residential design and development provisions found in the Victoria Planning Provisions and all local planning schemes in Victoria.

A new assessment model has been developed that will make development requirements clearer and decision-making more consistent across Victoria. It will provide a more clear, certain and efficient way to assess planning permit applications under ResCode.

The new assessment model proposes to replace the ResCode assessment requirements based on objectives, standards and decision guidelines with the new Performance Assessment Module (PAM).

No changes to the ResCode standards and third-party notice and appeal rights are proposed.

ResCode standards and new PAM

Public consultation on the discussion paper is open until 17 December 2021. To read, review and make a submission on the discussion paper, visit Engage Victoria.

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