The Government took advice from the Office of the Victorian Government Architect (OVGA) regarding potential change within Federation Square and design consideration of the Apple proposal. The OVGA is supportive of the proposed redevelopment of the Square.

The Government engaged with Professor Donald Bates, original Federation Square design partner, to understand his views and to incorporate his feedback into consideration of the proposed design.

The Minister for Planning’s amendment requires Apple to undertake design refinement and provides for consultation with Melbourne City Council in determining an appropriate final design prior to any development works in the Square.

Initial Melbourne City Council engagement

The Lord Mayor was briefed before the announcement of the project and following the announcement, Melbourne City Council has been briefed more fully by DEDJTR and DELWP.

Melbourne City Councillors have also been briefed by Jill Garner, the Victorian Government Architect, and Professor Donald Bates, the original Federation Square architect.

In response to the issues raised by the City of Melbourne, a Steering Committee has been formed to provide feedback throughout the design development process. The Steering Committee includes representatives from Melbourne City Council, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect, Federation Square P/L and DELWP.

The Steering Committee has had an initial workshop where Donald Bates presented on the original iteration of Federation Square’s design and Foster & Partners (Apple’s designer) presented on its concept design evolution. At this workshop design principles to guide the further development of a concept design were agreed.

Information provision

Details of the proposal and the planning approval, including detailed drawings and the reasons for the decision, are available at the Planning Schemes Online website.

More information on the benefits of the project and the decision process

Further information will be provided through DELWP and Federation Square websites.

Concept design development process

Apple and Foster & Partners are in the process of considering the agreed principles in refining their concept design. They will present back to the Steering Committee, which will in turn provide input and feedback. This will occur throughout the design development process.

Government is committed to working through the Steering Committee with Council to refine Apple’s concept design - Council can also be guided by the public submissions it has received in providing its design feedback.

Final detailed design consideration

At completion of the design development process (ie after Steering Committee review), Apple’s detailed development plans will be submitted to DELWP for endorsement.

The Minister for Planning will also then again consult with Melbourne City Council, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect, Federation Square and Transport for Victoria.

Design principles for the Apple store building (DOCX, 22.1 KB)

Further information

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