Victoria in Future 2016 (VIF2016) data can be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets via the links in the table below.
Projections data are available for Victoria and major regions from 2011 to 2051 and for Local Government Areas (LGA) and Victoria in Future Small Areas (VIFSA) for 2011 to 2031. Some data area available for individual years and some for every fifth year in the projection period. The first year for each projection dataset is 2011. Where available, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data is used for the years 2012 to 2015.

Data are available for Estimated Resident Population (ERP – the official total population), components of change (information on projected births, deaths and migration), population by age and sex (for single years of age in some cases, otherwise for five-year age groups), households and dwellings (including average household sizes and dwelling occupancy rates) and household types (families, couples, lone persons etc.).

Individual years from 2011 to 2051

Geographic area: Victoria

VIF2016_Victoria_ERP_age_sex_2011_2051.xlsx (Excel, 228.2 KB)

VIF2016_Victoria_Components_of_change_2011_2051.xlsx (Excel, 49.0 KB)

Every fifth year from 2011 to 2051

Geographic area: Victoria, Greater Melbourne and SA4s in Victoria's regions

VIF2016_Major_Regions_ERP_5yr_age_sex_2011_2051.xlsx (Excel, 131.3 KB)

VIF2016_Major_Regions_Components_of_change_2011_2051.xlsx (Excel, 58.2 KB)

VIF2016_Major_Regions_ERP_Hholds_Dwellings_2011_2051.xlsx (Excel, 59.2 KB)

VIF2016_Major_Regions_HH_types_2011_2051.xlsx (Excel, 49.1 KB)

Individual years from 2011 to 2031

Geographic area: LGAs and VIFSAs

VIF2016_LGAs_VIFSAs_ERP_2011_2031.xlsx (Excel, 125.2 KB)

Every fifth year from 2011 to 2031

Geographic area: LGAs and VIFSAs

VIF2016_LGAs_VIFSAs_ERP_5yr_age_sex_2011_2031.xlsx (Excel, 1.2 MB)

VIF2016_LGAs_VIFSAs_ERP_HHolds_Dwellings_2011_2031.xlsx (Excel, 198.8 KB)

VIF2016_LGAs_VIFSAs_HH_types_2011_2031.xlsx (Excel, 212.4 KB)