2013 UDP Report Cover


  • 412,600 potential lots on residential broadhectare land across metropolitan Melbourne
  • 2,400 residential redevelopment projects yielding an estimated 179,400 dwellings
  • Around 11,300 broadhectare lots were constructed in Melbourne's growth area municipalities in 2012-13, below the average of around 12,000 per year over the period from 2001-02 to 2012-13. There were 9,700 additional lots under construction
  • Industrial land consumption declined significantly as a result of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), and has only just started to pick up again in 2011-12 and is yet to return to the levels seen in the eight years of development prior to the GFC.


Download the 2013 Urban Development Program Report:


The Subregional Overview Maps show each of the existing and proposed broadhectare residential areas, major residential redevelopment sites, as well as existing and proposed industrial areas.

UDP Data

Download the Urban Development Program (UDP) residential and industrial land supply data. The file contains five spatial data files; you’ll need MapInfo software to use them.

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