Greenfield land is former rural land in Melbourne’s growth areas that is being developed for housing, typically detached houses. Melbourne’s growth areas are located in the municipalities of Cardinia, Casey, Hume, Melton, Mitchell, Whittlesea and Wyndham.

The Urban Development Program (UDP) has identified a pipeline of steps as land progresses from paddocks to lots for dwellings. The development pipeline closely mirrors the statutory process land undergoes providing robust and reliable data. This development pipeline is split into two categories, englobo greenfield supply and retail lot supply.

Map showing lots with title as small lots close to existing constructed buildings, proposed lots are roughly the same size but generally further away from existing settlement, Zoned lots are large areas of undeveloped farmland, and unzoned land land is also a large lot adjacent to settlemet

The two stages in the englobo greenfield supply category are:

1. Unzoned englobo land requiring a Precinct Structure Plan

This is englobo land that has been identified for future residential development through the Growth Corridor Plans, logical inclusions process and other strategic processes. Typically, it is currently zoned Urban Growth Zone. This category will no longer exist once all the unzoned land undergoes the Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) process and becomes zoned (available to be subdivided). It provides an estimate of the potential retail lot yield within a precinct.

2. Zoned englobo land

This is englobo land that has undergone the PSP process. It is zoned and available for subdivision into smaller retail lots (in accordance with its structure plan). This stage provides a better estimate of the lot yield as it is based on the land budget provided as part of a PSP.

The two stages in the retail lot supply category are:

1. Proposed lots

This is land that has been included as “proposed” within the Vicmap Property dataset. Some changes to these lots may occur before they receive a title. The data is sourced from VicMap.

2. Lots with a title

This is land that has been registered, provided with a title and ready for dwellings to be built. The data is sourced from VicMap.

Page last updated: 26/07/22