For many regional students, undertaking tertiary education means making a migration decision. Some move to Melbourne while others remain in, or move to, larger regional cities that have university campuses. 

The Youth Migration Study (2009) examines the motivations underlying the migration decisions of young adults, particularly in relation to university education. The research reveals that the greatest challenges will be in retaining young people in regional cities and encouraging them to return home after they have completed their tertiary studies.

These findings provide a better understanding of migration patterns between regional Victoria and Melbourne to support the development of population projections. They can also inform policies, planning and actions aiming to enhance the attractiveness of regional areas for investment and population growth.

Youth Migration Study Report - Part 1

Part 1 reports the findings of focus groups with current university students. 

Youth Migration Study Report - Part 2

Part 2 reports the findings of in-depth discussions with university alumni.

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