Xylophone charts are a visual means of showing how a particular Local Government Area (LGA) – or group of LGAs – compares to the rest of the state for a given census variable. Xylophone charts get their name from their arrangement of bars, which resemble the percussion instrument. Xylophone charts show the relative position of each LGA in a ranking for each variable.

To learn how to use the xylophones charts, we recommend you view the presentation and document below, and use these as a help guide.

How to use Xylophone Charts (PPT, 285.5 KB) or (DOCX, 72.8 KB)

2011 Census xylophone charts

The Xylophones below are grouped by various regions and are based on the 2011 Census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Metropolitan Melbourne

Chart Group 21 (PPT, 1.5 MB)

Melbourne - Growth Areas

Chart Group 22 (PPT, 1010.0 KB)

Melbourne - Inner Areas

Chart Group 23 (PPT, 934.5 KB)

Melbourne - Middle Areas

Chart Group 24 (PPT, 1008.5 KB)

Melbourne - Outer Areas

Chart Group 25 (PPT, 1.1 MB)

Melbourne - Peri-Urban

Chart Group 26 (PPT, 1.5 MB)

Interface Councils

Chart Group 27 (PPT, 530.5 KB)

Northern Metropolitan Region

Chart Group 28 (PPT, 890.5 KB)

Victorian Government Eastern Metro Region

Chart Group 29 (PPT, 980.5 KB)

Victorian Government Northern & Western Metro Region

Chart Group 30 (PPT, 1.1 MB)

Victorian Government Northern Metro Region

Chart Group 31 (PPT, 1017.0 KB)

Victorian Government Southern Metro Region

Chart Group 32 (PPT, 1.0 MB)

Victorian Government Western Metro Region

Chart Group 33 (PPT, 999.0 KB)

Top 10 Growing LGAs

Chart Group 34 (PPT, 2.8 MB)

10 Regional Centres

Chart Group 1 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

38 Regional LGAs

Chart Group 2 (PPT, 4.1 MB)

G21 Geelong Regional Alliance

Chart Group 3 Part A (PPT, 1.4 MB)
Chart Group 3 Part B (PPT, 1.5 MB)


Chart Group 4 (PPT, 1.3 MB)

Central Highlands

Chart Group 5 (PPT, 2.9 MB)


Chart Group 6 (PPT, 1.5 MB)

Dryland Farming

Chart Group 7 (PPT, 1.5 MB)


Chart Group 8 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Greater Green Triangle

Chart Group 9 (PPT, 1.5 MB)

Great South Coast

Chart Group 10 (PPT, 2.9 MB)

Hume Corridor

Chart Group 11 (PPT, 1.3 MB)

Loddon Mallee North

Chart Group 12 (PPT, 3.0 MB)

Loddon Mallee South

Chart Group 13 (PPT, 2.9 MB)


Chart Group 14 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Victorian Government Barwon South West Region

Chart Group 15 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Victorian Government Gippsland Region

Chart Group 16 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Victorian Government Grampians Region

Chart Group 17 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Victorian Government Hume Region

Chart Group 18 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Victorian Government Loddon Mallee Region

Chart Group 19 (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Wimmera South Mallee

Chart Group 20 (PPT, 2.9 MB)