What is the median age and household income in the regional cities?

Compared with the 38 rural and regional LGAs of regional Victoria, regional cities' populations are generally younger and have higher incomes.

The median age in regional cities was generally higher than metropolitan Melbourne (36 years) but generally lower than most of the 38 rural and regional LGAs of regional Victoria.

Median weekly household incomes in regional cities ranged from a high of $1,075 (Wodonga) to $878 in Mildura. This compares with a median of $945 for regional Victoria and $1,333 for metropolitan Melbourne.

In inner Melbourne, which age groups have the highest proportion?

Inner Melbourne had a very high proportion of people aged between 18 and 34 years (43.8 per cent). The comparable figure for metropolitan Melbourne was 25.7 per cent, and for Victoria 23.8 per cent.

Inner Melbourne had a low proportion of both people aged under 18 (11.4 per cent) and those over 65 (9.7 per cent). The comparable figures for metropolitan Melbourne were 22.1 and 13.1 per cent, and for Victoria 22.5 and 14.2 per cent.

What proportion of people who live in inner Melbourne are students?

Large numbers of students live in inner Melbourne: 14.2 per cent of the inner Melbourne population were enrolled at a tertiary education institution compared with 9.3 per cent for Victoria.

How have household types changed in metropolitan Melbourne?

In 2011, 23.4 per cent of Melbourne's households consisted of one person, 32.0 per cent of two people and 44.7 per cent of three or more. There was relatively little change over the 5-year period since 2006.

There has been growth in the numbers of all household types. Couple only households are increasing at a faster rate (2.3 per cent per annum) than family households with children (1.8 per cent per annum) and lone-person households (1.6 per cent per annum).