Officer/Pakenham State Significant Industrial Precinct

The Officer/Pakenham SSIP has the second lowest level of consumption, with a recent consumption rate of 15.5 ha per year. Using this relatively low level of consumption, it is estimate zoned land will be exhausted sometime in the mid 2040s and sometime beyond 2050 when including Proposed Industrial Land.

However, it is anticipated that consumption in the Officer/Pakenham SSIP will increase over time from the:

  • redistribution of all or some of the existing demand from the Southern SSIP as vacant land within this precinct is exhausted
  • creation of local industrial firms and businesses to serve the increased population growth in the Southern Growth Area
  • completion of the North East Link. This will provide direct freeway linkage from the Hume Highway in the north to the Princes Freeway in the south east providing freight and logistics users another option in metropolitan Melbourne to locate their operations.

The exhaustion chart for Officer/Pakenham is based on current rates of consumption. The influence of the potential sources of increased consumption have not been included as the magnitude of their impact is unknown. The UDP will continue to monitor consumption rates and these will be incorporated in the model as they become available.

Modelled exhaustion of industrial land, Officer/Pakenham SSIP, 2021

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Page last updated: 11/06/23