Northern State Significant Industrial Precinct

The Northern SSIP is the second largest SSIP and has both zoned land supply and proposed industrial land.

Consumption in the Northern SSIP has been volatile with an average rate lower than the Western and Southern SSIPs. As a result of relatively low levels of consumption, zoned vacant land in the Northern SSIP is anticipated be exhausted in the mid-2040s. However as other SSIPs start to become exhausted (Western and Southern), demand may increase in the Northern SSIP and, consequently, vacant land would be consumed more rapidly.

The Northern SSIP also contains a large amount of proposed industrial land. A portion of this land will be required to accommodate the proposed Beveridge Interstate Freight Terminal (BIFT) and its ancillary uses which will result in a shorter time frame for the overall supply of industrial land in the Northern SSIP.

Modelled exhaustion of industrial land, Northern SSIP, 2021

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Page last updated: 11/06/23