Councils make most of the planning decisions that affect their local government area. For example, they decide whether or not to grant a planning permit for a new use or development, and what permit conditions are appropriate.

Council decisions are based on what their local planning scheme allows. Councils develop planning controls for their local government area by preparing an amendment to their planning scheme and submitting it to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Councils can answer questions about planning in their local area. For example, you should call your local council to find out if something you want to do requires a planning permit. They can also explain the planning permit application process in your area.

Use Know your Council to find contact details and more information about your local council

Some councils make their planning application register available online. You may be able to view planning permit applications in your area.

Search for and visit your council's website

Planning Permit Activity Reports provide an overview of the planning permits in each local government area.

Planning property reports include:

  • planning zones and overlays linked to the planning provisions
  • a planning zone map
  • planning overlays maps
  • Victorian Heritage Register information.

Download a free Planning Property Report for your property

Get up to date information on the status of amendments to all planning schemes in Victoria on the Planning Schemes Online website. Choose your planning scheme to view amendment documentation at each stage of the amendment process.

View a planning scheme amendment on Planning Schemes Online

Page last updated: 07/04/22